Hello Kitty Tattoo

A Hello Kitty Tattoo can Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Arm Hello Kitty Tattoo Tatto Hello Kitty Colored devil Hello kitty tattoo

If you are looking for some form of artwork on your body, and if you like the brand and its products, then a hello kitty tattoo can be the perfect piece of artwork for you.

There are a number of hello kitty tattoo designs for you to choose from so what follows are just some ideas that may appeal to you should you decide to go ahead and get something done.

The Temporary Tattoo Option

Temporay Tattoo Hello KittyIf you have never had a tattoo before, then there is a chance you may be quite wary about going ahead as you will be unsure as to whether or not you will actually love it when it is done; however, help is at hand in the form of a hello kitty temporary tattoo.

This kind of tattoo will last for a number of weeks before fading and falling off as they are basically a special form of sticker and it will at least give you an idea as to what it would look like on a permanent basis.
They are also going to be ideal for little girls who want something on their arm with the hello kitty logo and they are also relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Wide Range Of Designs

So what about the actual hello kitty tattoo ideas that are out there?

Clearly the main idea involves the kitty picture, but in recent times people have tried to move away from the normal little cute picture and towards things that are more elaborate in order to stand out. The main craze, if it can indeed be called that, is to take the normal hello kitty logo and change the character into something else.

This has led to the kitty being shown as a pirate, a devil, angel, boxing, and a whole host of other things, but all with the same face and general look that is familiar to people the world over. The size and location does of course come down to what the individual wants, with some being more prominent than others. It just depends on whether or not you want to show it off at every given opportunity.

Hello Kitty Bow tattooHowever, if you do not want to go ahead with the fully kitty logo, then one other thing that is proving to be quite popular is just having a hello kitty tattoo bow put somewhere on the body as the design of the bow is still quite distinctive and stands out on its own.

You can of course then have the bow personalised a bit more by adding a drawing of some kind of jewel for example, but a number of people keep it quite plain and stick to a shade of red or pink.

When it comes to deciding the type of tattoo you want done, you are best to set aside some time and work your way through a series of hello kitty tattoo pictures and see what other people have had done and where they have had the tattoo inked on their body.

By doing this, you will then tend to find it easier to imagine it on your own body at that location and if you find something that you do indeed like, then print off the image and take it to the artist so they can use that as the inspiration for your own one.

How much does it cost? This does of course depend upon where you are, what you are having done, and how big it is going to be and it is perhaps fair to say that if you are on a tight budget, then the bow is going to be the cheapest option out there apart from the temporary ones that you can buy.

Always make sure you talk it over with the artist first to see what they plan on charging you before they get started because by then it will be too late. So if you want something different from a butterfly or Chinese writing, then consider getting a hello kitty tattoo particularly if you love the brand and are just looking for something that is a fun piece of artwork.

There are a whole host of designs available so just take some time to sit down and look at what other people have had done already to help you in your decision and then take the plunge and have it done and you will be glad you did so.