Hello Kitty Slippers

Treat Your Feet With Hello Kitty Slippers

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Hello Kitty slippers are the most adorable and most comfortable slippers ever made. They come in a wide variety of designs including slip on slippers, five toed slippers, booties, and full length boots.

Like all Hello Kitty products, every design sports the friendly and famous white bobtail cat wearing a bright red or pink bow on her head. Just looking at these cute slippers will put a smile on everyone’s faces!

With their trademark girly designs, these slippers will add a cute feminine touch to lounge wear. At the same time, they will totally pamper the feet who wear them. The thick plush cushioning is so soft, you’ll think you are walking on a feather soft pillow.

Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch for a great movie or dancing to the tunes on the radio, you’ll absolutely love how these slippers feel on your feet. What a joy it is to come home after a long hard day, take off your day time shoes, and slip into a snuggly piece of heaven.

Lots of Designs, but All High Quality.

hello-kitty-sherpa-trim-slippersThe designs vary but the high quality craftsmanship is consistent between each style. The stitching is secure and materials are made to last. Most styles come with a rubber sole making them perfect for a quick dart outside to grab the mail or take the dog out.

Watch out though because your neighbors will surely be envious. They’re also great for those Sunday mornings when you just want to sit outside on the patio with your coffee and newspaper. No matter the season, there is a Hello Kitty slipper style just perfect for such a lazy bones occasion.

Some people like their Hello Kitties so much they have decided to make them part of a Halloween costume or incorporate them into a cute Christmas outfit. In fact, these slippers could accentuate a costume for any festive occasion. They’re perfect for slumber parties too! The best part is how comfortable you’ll be while at the same time being perfectly stylish.

Some Hello Kitty slippers for girls come with bows and other pretty embellishments. Hello Kitty slippers for woman are just as cute. In fact, some mothers and daughters like to get matching pairs. It’s also fun to mix and match with other Hello Kitty loungewear.

These slippers are the perfect gift for all the female sweethearts in your life. Even if they already have a pair, they’d surely appreciate adding another style to their Hello Kitty collection. If they’re not already a fan of Hello Kitty, they will be after they see their first pair of slippers. It’s a gift they’ll surely love and the best part is they can wear your thoughtful gift every day.

Hello Kitty boot slippers and booties are perfect for staving off the cold winters. Everyone who wears them raves about how snugly warm they keep their feet.  Your feet will stay warm in the draftiest of houses.

They even come with sherpa trim so they even look toasty warm. Hello Kitty slippers are designed to keep the heat in yet they also allow your feet to breathe as well. The boots will keep your calves warm too.

All designs come with plenty of room for your feet. They are sold in small, medium, large, and extra large. They do run a little on the large size and a woman’s size extra large will fit a woman’s size eleven foot. They’re roomy enough that you can wear them with socks too.

This amazing brand has been around for a long time, debuting on the American market in the mid-1970’s. It was created and designed by a Japanese lady named Yuko Shimizu but she made the kitty English since England was known for fashion at the time. Originally, they were designed mostly for girls but in the 1990’s they also became popular with female teens and women.

They are considered a “retro brand” and it looks like this very popular trademark has become a permanent fashion statement.

Whether you buy slippers, booties, or boots, you’ll love the quality and the comfort that comes with these sweet house shoes. Many people end up buying several pair for themselves and then more pairs for all their family.

If you really want to pamper yourself or someone else, these slippers are a great choice.