Hello Kitty Luggage

Stand Out From The Crowd With Hello Kitty Luggage

Hello Kitty luggage pink suitcase Pretty Luggage from Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Luggage Black

If you have been to an airport in recent years, then there is a very good chance you will have come across someone with Hello Kitty Luggage due to the fact it does tend to stand out all on its own in amongst a sea of blandness on the luggage conveyor belt.

The brand is highly distinctive due to its design and Hello Kitty logo, but what exactly is available from the range and does it represent value for money?

Value For Money.

First of all, it has to be pointed out that they do focus on the female market and this is clear with the design, but it is not only aimed at adults. You can also buy Hello Kitty luggage for kids as well.

Colors for Hello Kitty SuitcasesThe color schemes tend to include various shade of pink, red, white, or black and they are also available in both the soft shell case variety as well as the hard shell depending upon what your personal preferences may be.

The cases in general have a real boutique feel to them and you can even go as far as to get your own Hello Kitty luggage tag if you wish to do so. The company also produce a range of smaller accessories for females of all ages and you will see them for sale in a number of locations both online as well as offline.

Luggage Sets and Accessories.

Hello kitty Luggage setsOne of the most popular items to buy from the range are the Hello Kitty luggage sets because with this you get both the main suitcase, as well as a smaller bag that is ideal for hand luggage or as a shoulder bag.

The larger case comes complete with a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transport and just like the other items in the entire range you will notice it is rather resplendent in pink.

Hello Kitty Luggage Available in Different Sizes.

They do also come in a range of sizes from weekend bags to those that are for the more full blown two week vacation so you will not be stuck no matter what you are looking for.

However, you are generally looking at the most popular cases ranging from between 19 inches to 22 inches and they will give you more than enough space for all of the items that you need to take with you.

Linining in Suitcase Hello Kitty LuggageThese sizes apply to both the hard shell as well as the soft shell variety and they will all come with telescopic handles to make it easier to transport them around. The interior is always fully lined and the hard shell variety is made out of ABS plastic so it will prove to be difficult to be damaged and all cases come with their own three number combination locks to give your items that added bit of security.

To make it easier to pack do also look out for some cases to have a matching coat hanger inside and this is of course extremely useful when you get to your destination and unpack for your vacation.

So what about the various designs?

There is certainly a wide selection to choose from with them ranging from cases with the single Hello Kitty face that gives it a more clean cut look to those that include the logo on a number of occasions with it being plastered all over it making the case look a lot busier and really stand out from the crowd.

This does come down to personal preference and there is no real difference in the price depending on the design. So at least this will not put you off purchasing one.

How do the prices compare to other suitcases on the market?

It has to be said that the prices are very reasonable considering you are getting a very popular brand that has really exploded in popularity all over the world from its more humble origins in Japan.

The quality is there and they will certainly last you for some time before needing replaced so the conclusion on the price must be that they are cheap and give you great value and will be far superior to a number of other types of luggage that are currently available on the market.

The Hello Kitty designer series extends across a wide variety of retail products, clothing and accessories. The product range includes such things as bedding, luggage, costumes, slippers, tattoos, perfume,cameras, rings, necklaces and toasters, just to name a few

So if you do indeed wish to stand out from the crowd, then consider buying Hello Kitty luggage to show that you are a fun person with a personality even down to your suitcase. It is all very well made and you will love wheeling it around the airport so all that is left to do is select the design you prefer the most, then get it packed with your clothes and have fun on your vacation.